Never Ending Mulch Pile

I bragged to my neighbor that my mulch pile would be gone by Monday. It was my 2nd mistake. My 1st mistake was ordering 7 yards of mulch last month. What was I thinking?

I have laid it everywhere I can think of:
the garden that wraps around the entire house,
the garden bordering my neighbor to the left,

The path in between the house and the garden to the left:

the garden bordering the my neighbor to the right,
the sunflower bed behind our firewood pile,
the veggie garden, 
the two trees and two saplings in front of our house,
and the garden behind Henry’s tree.
(After listing them all, I’m starting to think … perhaps … we have too many garden spots).

Even my neighbor has taken a few wheelbarrows of mulch to use in his garden.

And still I have a pile of mulch sitting in my driveway.

I’m beginning to hate the sight of it. Do you think anybody would notice if I set it on fire?

Speaking of my veggie garden, my strawberries are growing!

I have come to the conclusion already that I will not be making strawberry jam from any crop I receive out of the plants. They are too tasty. I can’t seem to stop myself from eating them as soon as they have ripened.


8 thoughts on “Never Ending Mulch Pile

  1. Home grown strawberries – yummmmmmy. Maybe you can have the mulch piled on the side of the house out of the way. Mulch has a way of disappearing and before you know it you might be happy to have a “stash” to dip into to replentish when needed.

  2. Funny how mulch seems to grow. It is hard to move around too. can’t scoop it up easily. But makes the beds look great.
    Stiff upper lip, do you have any friends that want some?

  3. Lovely looking strawberries you have there. I think you might just have to start secretly ferrying the mulch into neighbouring gardens. Or hold a mulch drive, only they have to take some away. Good luck with it.

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