Doing the Spring Shuffle

It is supposed to climb to 80 degrees F today. I have drug my feet long enough. It is time to put away the long underwear and wool sweaters.

Once I started, it was a joy to see all my summer dresses again. Dan, ever the laid-back man, was just as relieved to have his short sleeved work shirts back. Two crates of summer clothes came out of the cedar closet. Four crates and one basket have to fit back in. Unless I remove some of my wool, they won’t make it.

I am NOT removing my wool from the safety and security of the cedar closet. There are wicked and evil moths flitting about. I have skeins of wool that are OOAK (one of a kind).

I will be as reasonable as a yarn lover can be. I will tuck the hand knit and 100% wool sweaters into the cedar closet. My treasured stoles and shawls will remain tucked away in my cedar drawer. However, the cotton and acrylic clothing will have to make do in our guest bedroom closet.

None of this needs to be mentioned to Dan. If you see him, mum’s the word.

5 thoughts on “Doing the Spring Shuffle

  1. Very wise plan of action. =) I think your secrets safe with the knit blogging community. Dan doesn’t read your blog, does he?

  2. Those evil moths can even survive cedar….I try and take out and shake my wool items every few months just to be sure nothing has infiltrated….. I once lost a shetland wool tunic I had only worn 3 times to moths.

  3. All these comments scare the **** out of me. All my ‘paca fiber lives in plastic bags with lavendar sachets until it’s processed and then goes into plastic tubs with lavendar.
    I’m thinking I have been fortunate.

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