Mailing the Afghan Today

I talked to Dan about just keeping it. And kept it I did for a week, nicely folded, in our guest bedroom. It sat there all week long. It was never used. I never even touched it, except to occasionally pet it.

I thought of all the people I could give it to. It would make a great baby blanket until I realized that it would have to be hand washed and air dried. The chances of either my sister or my SIL hand washing a 36-inch afghan are not good. If I were a betting woman, I’d put a good thousand on it becoming a felted afghan.

I thought about keeping it myself. I wouldn’t use it; that’s for sure. I would want to display it, but we have no room for such displays.

Since I can’t think of a good home for it, I am sticking to my original plan. It will be shipped off to Syracuse, NY where it will join 800 other panels on an abandoned gas station. It can serve a purpose rather than sit in my cedar closet for months.

A final picture of it:

At the last moment, I crocheted a border around the outside. It was my neighbor’s idea. She recommended that I single crochet a border on all the edges. I inquired about doing a double crochet, but she was hesitant to agree. Not because she didn’t think it would look good, but because she is a one-crochet-stitch-kind-of-a-woman.

It appears I am too. I could only remember how to do a single crochet stitch. So, that’s what the afghan got. I should know better. I was taught how to crochet by both my MIL and my Aunt. It’s just different from riding your bike. You do forget if you don’t use it.

3 thoughts on “Mailing the Afghan Today

  1. What a great purpose for your beautiful blanket. It’s hard to let go but it is a wonderful way to share beauty where there is none. I agree with the crochet edgeing – it was a nice final touch.

  2. Ah almost my neck of the woods. Have you been watching spring training at all? I watched two games. Of course I have been watching Santana pitch. The Mets will win the division this time!! Let the games begin!

  3. It really is hard to part with things sometimes, isn’t it? Incidentally, it turned out just great – I really do love those quilting blocks.

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