International Fiber Collaborative

Long-time readers may remember my Ode to Quilting blocks. Although I have taken an extended break from them, I have not forgotten them. Over the next 2 months, you’ll be seeing a lot of them. I will be using the 5 FOs.

And the current WIP (an Hour Glass Block)

Coupled with the addition of 3 yet to be knitted blocks to create a 3 foot square panel. This panel will be submitted to the International Fiber Collaborative to be sewn together with 800 other panels. The massive 2400 square foot artwork will cover an abandoned gas station in concern over our dependency on oil.

Would you like to join me? Here is more info from Jennifer Marsh, the organizer behind IFC.
The goal of the International Fiber Collaborative is to provide an opportunity for people who enjoy working with crafts, whether professional artists, hobbyists or students to come together from all over the world to express their concerns about their countries extreme dependency on oil for energy. Those who participate will crochet, knit, stitch, patch, or collage 3 foot square fiber panels that will express each participants concern about this topic. By designing and creating a panel and participating in this project you are, in the larger picture, expressing your concern about this important subject to the rest of the world. Once all 800 panels are received, they will be sewn together to completely cover an abandoned gas station in central New York State, USA. Panels are due March 15, 2008

7 thoughts on “International Fiber Collaborative

  1. you’re so good to be able to give away your work to be out in the elements! i don’t think i could turn over something i spent time on!

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