2 Pieces of 9, Sewn and Starred

More progress on my Christmas Tree Skirt (I hope nobody is sick of Christmas yet?!):

I think I need a bigger star to top my white tree, don’t you? I was trying to cut corners. You know – make my life simple. So, I purchased a star button for my tree skirt. I bought the largest star I could find, but they just don’t make buttons beyond a certain size.

Maybe I should knit a star. Yet, the thought of constructing a 5-pointed star makes my head swim.

I could sew one. That would be SO much easier.

Yet, to keep in the same medium, maybe a felted star would be better. I’m not talking about knitting a star and then felting it (the swimming would start again). No, I’d buy felted fabric or fabric that felts and cut a star motif out of it. That might work.

4 thoughts on “2 Pieces of 9, Sewn and Starred

  1. Well, you have all year to come up with a good idea….

    Felt would be good, but maybe it’s a good time to play with some polymer clay? You could make all kinds of cute ornaments for the tree…

  2. I think the felted star is a good idea. I also like the idea of embrodery with sequins or beads added – that seems very Christmasy to me.

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