Finished Knitting the Body of the Lucky Purse

Well, obviously I have to do something about that cord, but I bound off all my stitches last night.

I am pleased with the way the drawstring holes came out. I made them extra large so that my thick cord (a.k.a. piping) could slide through.

There is the lining to stitch up: a project I will tackle after I piece together the border for my Chili Pepper quilt. I just realized that I only have 1 month to start and finish the baby quilt! I have been trying to be “good” and not start a new quilt until I have finished the one I am currently working on. I might have to cheat. Time’s a ticking.

Today’s goal, besides staying out of the brutal heat, is to finish writing the pattern for my mystery project and cast on. Hubby has agreed to be the model!

Here’s one more picture of the Lucky Drawstring Purse as modelled by Jake.


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