Progress made on my Lucky Purse

Traditionally, horseshoes are to be hung over a doorway with the tips pointing up so as to keep the luck from running out.

The horseshoes on my purse are turned down because when they are turned upwards they look more like palm trees than their namesake. Thus, my first inclination was to call my purse “Luck Runs Out”. My husband, being the loving and support man that he can be when he puts his mind to it, told me that the purse can still be lucky. “The lucks spills out and flows into the horseshoe below it, like a fountain”, said he.

I’ve renamed my purse. It is now the “Lucky Drawstring Purse”.

It’s almost done. It might even have been finished by now if I hadn’t stared at it for so long. Knitting further up the purse, I realized that I had no idea how to insert a drawstring nor where to insert a drawstring. When this purse is finished, I can add two new skills to my repertoire: knitting a circle and making a drawstring …. assuming I am successful in adding a drawstring.


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