My 1st Purse for the KAL-CAL

If I had followed a pattern, my 1st purse would not have taken so long. Of course, it would have stolen all the fun away. I would not have learned how to knit a circle, to knit a drawstring, or to calculate the circumference of a circle.

Plus I have the satisfaction of designing my 1st purse. It’s a lucky one!

You can tell that they are horseshoes, right? Please tell me you can. Oh, please.


Apologies first

I would like to apologize to all Geometry teachers.
  • No, no it is not completely useless information.
  • Yes, yes one can use the geometry skills in everyday life.
  • I should have paid more attention.
If I had paid more attention, this would not have happened.

The bottom tube was my 1st attempt at making the lining’s body.

I now know that the circumference of a circle is Diameter * Pi. I hope to never forget it.

Finished Knitting the Body of the Lucky Purse

Well, obviously I have to do something about that cord, but I bound off all my stitches last night.

I am pleased with the way the drawstring holes came out. I made them extra large so that my thick cord (a.k.a. piping) could slide through.

There is the lining to stitch up: a project I will tackle after I piece together the border for my Chili Pepper quilt. I just realized that I only have 1 month to start and finish the baby quilt! I have been trying to be “good” and not start a new quilt until I have finished the one I am currently working on. I might have to cheat. Time’s a ticking.

Today’s goal, besides staying out of the brutal heat, is to finish writing the pattern for my mystery project and cast on. Hubby has agreed to be the model!

Here’s one more picture of the Lucky Drawstring Purse as modelled by Jake.

Progress made on my Lucky Purse

Traditionally, horseshoes are to be hung over a doorway with the tips pointing up so as to keep the luck from running out.

The horseshoes on my purse are turned down because when they are turned upwards they look more like palm trees than their namesake. Thus, my first inclination was to call my purse “Luck Runs Out”. My husband, being the loving and support man that he can be when he puts his mind to it, told me that the purse can still be lucky. “The lucks spills out and flows into the horseshoe below it, like a fountain”, said he.

I’ve renamed my purse. It is now the “Lucky Drawstring Purse”.

It’s almost done. It might even have been finished by now if I hadn’t stared at it for so long. Knitting further up the purse, I realized that I had no idea how to insert a drawstring nor where to insert a drawstring. When this purse is finished, I can add two new skills to my repertoire: knitting a circle and making a drawstring …. assuming I am successful in adding a drawstring.

Round Purse for KAL-CAL

I joined the KAL-CAL (Purse Round Up) on June 12th. I am just now getting around to knitting my first bag. Most people are already on their 2nd bag. Some are on their 4th bag! Well, I suppose somebody has to bring up the rear, right?

I was all excited about this design when I thought it up a few weeks ago. My excitement faded once I cast on. My first attempt had the bottom of a bag looking like a cone. It was then I realized that I had no idea how to knit a circle. Upon consulting my “Knitting Without Tears” book, I located the basics of making a circular shawl. Obviously, my little bag did not need to be so big, but I would just stop knitting the circle once I got to the size I liked. Gosh, it seemed so simple. For some reason, I was determined to make it easier. Yarn overs are easier to make than M1s. Common sense should have told me that yarn overs wouldn’t look good in the bottom of a purse. Sometimes you have to snub your nose at common sense in order to realize how right it is. Three tries later, I finally have a circular bottom for my round purse.

Now, I am working on the body (height) of the purse. Can you tell what it is yet?

I haven’t completed many repeats of the cabling, so it is a bit deceiving. As a hint, the bag will be called “Luck Runs Out”. Due to the name, it is not the best purse to take on an outing to the gambling hall, but it is a great purse for your favorite Texan.