Yard Sale

I don’t normally go to yard sales. But, when the newspaper ad listed knitting and sewing supplies, I HAD to go. It wasn’t an option. What if they had bags and bags of yarn or fabric? I can’t pass that up.

By the time I got there, I had myself into a frenzy thinking that there was going to be a mountain of yarn and fabric.

Well, there were no mountains. There wasn’t even any fabric. The yarn, spread out over 3 blankets, was mostly acrylic. I was a little broken hearted.

Then, I saw a skein of wool in all that acrylic. So, I did what any self-respecing yarn lover would do. I got down on my hands and knees and sifted through the entire stash of yarn, pulling out all the balls of wool and cotton. I ended up with a plastic bag (grocery store size) full of yarn. I paid $1.00 for the entire bag. I tried to give her more, but she didn’t think it was worth that much.

I brought it home and laid it out on my dining table.

It was a lovely sight until I started looking closer at the yarn. Some of the yarn was worthless. The red yarn had frayed in so many sections that I had to throw the whole skein out. It looked like moths had just ravished it. They got to a ball of the green yarn too. Even the orange yarn, which mentioned it was mothproof, had damage on the outside of it. Thankfully, the cotton yarn was just fine.

After rolling most of the skeins into yarn cakes and securing everything into ziploc bags, I was left with this stash. It’s not half bad for $1.00.

I should go to yard sales more often.

I also learned that I should make a database of my yarn. In my efforts to jam everything back into my cedar closet, I came across yarn I had forgotten that I had.

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