Strawberry Jam

I couldn’t believe I had let myself run so low on my supply of strawberry jam. Every spring, I make 8 jars of strawberry jam and then spend the rest of the year smothering it onto scones, muffins and bread. Of course, I give some away too. I can’t eat 8 jars all by myself!

This year, due to the California crisis, I had skipped making the jam. I figured I would wait until the strawberries came to harvest here in Pennsylvania.

It’s summer time now and I had seen the strawberry prices drop, but I still thought I had time. There were things to knit, you see. Well, I went to smother some jam on my scones Saturday and realized that I only had enough for maybe two more slices of bread.

So, I stopped everything, and made myself jam on Sunday. I feel much better now.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam

  1. I’m sure the jam is delicious! Also, when I came across your blog, I was surprised and excited to see one of my yarns on your Etsy mini! Thank you so much for including it! :)

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