Flashing my Organized Stash

It is finally done.

Two Sunday ago, I organized my yarn into separate bins labeled “All Wool”, “Wool Blends”, “Cotton and Cotton Blends” and “Acrylic”. I then wrote down all the pertinent information off the labels – on all the yarn that still had labels, that is. Last Sunday, I uploaded the last of the yarn information to Ravelry.

I should mention that I only organized the yarn that lives in the cedar closet. Yarn received as a Christmas present or yarn currently being used remains unorganized. Baby steps, People!

I even boxed some yarn up that I knew deep down I would never use. The yarn will be shipped to Jennifer Marsh for use in the International Fiber Collaborative. Now before you start singing my praises, let me mention that most of the yarn I am gifting is leftover from a previous project, purchased in one of my yard sale finds, or purchased in one skein amounts.

Yep, that’s right; I’m not as good as I seem. I still have lots of yarn that in my heart of hearts I know I will never use. However, this is yarn that is too beautiful or too soft or too sentimental to use or gift away.

Hopefully all of this organization will keep Dan from finding me in my pajamas, sitting on the basement floor, surrounded by boxes of yarn, rummaging frantically for the skein of yarn I just know I have!

9 thoughts on “Flashing my Organized Stash

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That is a lot of yarn. I love the skeins at the top (peach and cream) – I admire your organizational skills. My stash is a jumble of skeins in plastic bags – but I know every last one and immediately how to find it :)

  2. I wish I had your memory skills, Mr. Puffy. I was forever losing yarn I thought I had and forever finding yarn I had no idea I had.

    I plan to use the peach and cream to make the Everest Veste. First, I have to finish the quilt blocks.

  3. The front left rust colored yarn. LOVE the shade! I have a very small yarn cache in comparison altho’ my wool stash is rather large.

  4. You’ve got a good eye, Windyridge. The rust colored yarn is probably my most expensive wool. It’s hand dyed, hand spun and ever so soft. It was a gift from my MIL.

  5. you are my hero! would you be interested in organizing my yarn that i have stashed in bags,totes,drawers,piles & heaps, etc.? i keep some yarn hidden so that hubby doesn’t know how much yarn i really have… then later it’s like a surprise shopping trip when i find it!

  6. I bow down to your organisational skills! It looks soooo impressive – mine was all organised in one of those canvass wall shoe hangers and looked lovely for about a week and then it disintegrated into the jumbled mess it is now!

  7. Bravo for having the self discipline to organize and upload your stash. My stash page on Ravelry remains empty. My “queued” page however, is growing at an alarming rate. =) Oh, and from the pics it looks like you have lots of yummy yarns. I want to visit your stash page on Ravelry. What’s your user name?

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