Stitch n Pitch night at the Phillies

Last night, was the 1st Stitch n Pitch night at the Phillies park.

Isn’t this hat the best?

The first 100 people to buy tickets for the event got a grab bag. Since Hubby came with me, and he still refuses to learn how to knit or sew or quilt, I came out with 2 bags.

There was so many wonderful things in each of the bags. I tried to line everything up and take pictures of it all.

Phillie items: 2007 Calendar, Magnet Schedule and a Tug McGraw bracelet

Knitting items: #19 Premium Wood Knitting Needles from Clover, ball of Frizzato Yarn by Plymouth Yarn, ball of Soft Kid by ggh, ball of Bel Air by ggh, and a sample size of Soak.

Other items: Flexible Self-Adhesive Dots by Colonial for hand quilting, brochures from nearby yarn shops, and quilting & knitting patterns

My Stitch n Pitch project was a scarf knit from 2 different yarns: one cotton and one unknown. (I raided my leftover stash section for the yarn). I started the scarf in the car during the car ride down to the stadium. Like usual, my gauge was loose.

The temperature at the game was in the mid-eighties F. Naturally, I was glistening like a sun-catcher. Then, the yarn started sticking together and to me and to my clothes. So, as you can see, my gauge started getting smaller and smaller. No way to salvage it; the scarf will be added to my frogged pile.

Despite losing the scarf, it was a wonderful night. I hope the Phillies host a Stitch n Pitch night every year. I’ll be there with bells on!

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