Gauge Woes

As you know, I am knitting an adult size version of the Barbie shawl. As knitting rules state, one must knit a gauge first. For me, it’s especially imperitive in order to write the accompanying pattern. However, after tinkering with the mesh pattern yesterday, I am still unhappy with the outcome. The whole pattern leans to the left. (I ripped it out to save the yarn .. and plum forgot to take a pic first. I was too frustrated to see beyond the end of my nose!)

I have once again tinkered with the pattern. Today, I will knit up two version of the pattern. Here’s hoping at least one provides me with the results I am looking for. (This time I’ll be sure to take pics so you can help me decide which is the best choice).

So, as you might guess, yesterday afternoon ended on a sour note.

But, to cheer my day, I recieved a package from Laurel. It was filled with the paper I had requeseted from her destashing efforts. Along with all the paper, she even included a book: Instant Gratification Cards by Sterbenzes. It made my day! Here’s a pic of it all.

I’ll post a picture of the first card I make from this stash later this week. I’ve already laid the materials out. It will be a Hippo card. Just what everybody needs. =)

After opening up this package, I decided to tackle my hedges by the lamp post. Some of the bushes had grown over the top of the post! Enough was enough.

I believe I won the battle!

Then, just to make sure today started off on the right foot, I baked up a Berry Coffee Cake.

I think it helped. Here’s the beginnings of my next block in the “Ode to Quilting” afghan. It is one square in what will be a 9-patch block.

It looks dreadfully boring right now, but just wait.


One thought on “Gauge Woes

  1. That coffee cake looks amazing. I never cook in the morning – it interferes with my coffee drinking and blog surfing!

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