Knitting Gauges Galore

Before I rant about all the gauges I knit today, I first want to thank Anastacia for featuring my “Ode to Quilting” afghan on her blog. I’m truly enjoying designing this afghan, but I’m more excited that others have enjoyed it too. Thank you!

About those gauges … I knit 3 different versions. To refresh you, this pattern will be the lace sections within the Barbie Shawl. Note that this pattern needs to complement – not upstage – the stocking stich knitting.

Option #1
Mermaid Mesh from Barbara Walker’s 2nd book

Option #2
Mermaid Mesh revised (basically, I removed all the double yarn overs to make it easier to knit)

I think it suffered for it. You can no longer see the diamon pattern.

Option #3
Diamond Mesh by me
It consists of 2 different types of diamonds, one which leans to the left and another which leans to the right.

Bias aside, I think I like #3 best. It is subtle enough to complement a stocking stitch, yet fancy enough to hold its own in a shawl.

What do you think?

On a side note, I have found another reason I need to learn how to spin. White Starr Shop is giving away Suri Alpaca fleece. I can’t put my name into the hat for fear I would actually end up with the fleece. Then, it would sit in my cedar closet for 3 years the way my sheep’s fleece has. I must learn to spin. I must.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I have so many gardening projects.
1. Plant mint seeds
2. Plant anise seeds (they say anise helps repel mosquitoes … I’m willing to try anything! Plus, I use anise in my christmas cookies every year).
3. Transplant Mr. Bunny (a bush that is being suffocated by Cartman, the fat pine tree … doesn’t everybody name their plants??)
4. Trim the hedges behind the shed

Oh, I almost forgot. I have one more pic to share with you. It’s another square in the upcoming 9-patch block.