St. Louis Block Finished

I finished the St. Louis block five minutes ago. I couldn’t wait to share it!

(For the free pattern, please see yesterday’s post:

Here it is:

I even took the time to weave in all the loose strands (35 of them!).

The back side:

My thanks to Noricum for featuring me in her blog today (! I am honored.

Well, the sheer fact that I haven’t started on my gauge for the Barbie shawl means that I can’t sit and chat today. Duty calls.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more knitting news.

Until Then.


4 thoughts on “St. Louis Block Finished

  1. I plugged you on my blog today as well! I look forward to seeing what else you’ll create in your knitted quilt series.

  2. Now that’s a great idea, making a quilt out of knitted squares! I think you are a smart cookie for this clever idea and I can see it being a great way to use up the little bits of yarn after a project! Thanks for the inspiration!

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