Sunday Snapshots (of the Crayola Factory)

On Thursday, Elly and I went to the Crayola Factory with our local Moms club.

She drew on a car.

She decorated a crown with stamps.

Well,to be more precise, Elly only used one stamp to decorate her entire crown. Plus she never actually stamped with it. She preferred the smearing technique. It allowed her to cover more of the white space in a short amount of time.

She cut up Crayola model magic into itty bitty pieces.

She drew with markers in their dark room.

She decorated a guitar.

She piloted a boat through a canal riddled with locks.

Yet, oddly enough, her favorite thing to do in the Crayola Factory had nothing to do with crafts. In a room geared for children 5 and under, there was a ball elevator. Truly, we need one of these in our basement. She would be entertained for hours. Literally hours.


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