How to Make a Yarn Boa

The boa I am making Elly for Christmas is not finished. Yet, if I wait till I am finished to share these simple instructions, I doubt there will enough time for you to crank one out before Christmas. I am moving slowly. I get a few inches done each week.

Please do not be discouraged by my slow progress. The boa isn’t hard to make. It just takes a dedicated few hours. Dedicated time is not something I am rolling in these days.

But enough about me, on to the instructions:

First, using a chunky yarn, cut 4 strips measuring 60″ in length or measuring the length you want the finished boa to be plus 4″.

Next, holding the 4 strips together, tie a knot at one end. This is your foundation yarn. Set aside.

Next, using all the little scraps of yarn leftover from your knitting projects, make hundreds of shorter strips measuring 12″. My strips filled 2 plastic grocery bags. If buying new balls of yarn to make this boa, get at least 6 balls. The fuzzier the yarn, the better of a boa it will make.

Next, pick up one shorter strip of yarn and tie it onto your foundation yarn as close to the beginning knot as possible. Tie the shorter strip again so that it is double knotted.

Then, pick up another shorter strip and tie it as close to the previous strip as possible. Tie it again so that it is double knotted. Then push the knotted strip up against the previous strip, eliminating any space in between them and allowing you to create a very full boa.

Repeat the previous step until there are only 2 inches left of the foundation yarn. Knot the foundation yarn.

If necessary, give the boa a haircut, trimming off any long strands and trimming off the tails of the foundation yarn.

Finally, give the boa to your special girl and watch her beam in delight.

In this case, watch her frown with disapproval of you taking yet another picture of her.


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