New Washer Machine

When we purchased this house 7 years ago, it came with all the appliances we needed. Yet, we fully understood that over the next few years we would have to replace each and every one. They were all older than the hills.

The dishwasher was the first to go. It died in the first year. Technically, it still ran but it didn’t actually clean all the dishes. I lasted 1 month without a dishwasher and it was pure torture.

Last month, I noticed that our washer machine was leaking.

So I started a search for a new washer rather than wait for it to completely die and have to head to the nearby laundromat before a new one could be found. There were only 2 features I wanted a new washer to have: large capacity and a spin cycle. The latter helped narrow the field down. So many new washers, such as all the Whirlpool models, didn’t have a spin only cycle. I was surprised  Surely, I’m not the only person who hand washes her wool sweaters and fancy dresses and uses the spin cycle to get rid of all the excess water.

While visiting Boscovs, I found exactly what I wanted, a GE Energy Star Washer.

It was a GE model just like our current 30+-year-old washer. Obviously, I trusted the brand. It also had the 2 features I wanted. It was large and it had a spin only cycle. Plus, it was on sale.

It took a week for Boscovs to deliver it because it was on backorder. On Saturday, they brought my new washer and took away the old one. I giggled the first time I ran a load in it. It’s huge!

I won’t have to do laundry as often. Woo!


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