Organizing Christmas Presents

Before Elly, I would just stack all the Christmas presents on the floor in our guest bedroom.
Last year, I had to hide all the toys in the china cabinet and the guest bedroom closet to keep Elly from playing with them.
This year, I needed to hide all the Christmas presents because Elly is remarkably curious and wants to play with anything new whether it’s a toy or not.
With the china cabinet stuffed to the gills with sewing notions and fabric, there was no room to stash presents. The closet was quickly filled and more presents were arriving weekly. Oh how I love to shop for Christmas!
Something had to be done.
Noticing that the oil room was underutilized with just canned produce and mountains of empty boxes, I set about to claim the space for storage.

A little sweeping here plus a few boxes broken down there and I was left with enough room to install metal shelves.

It is out of sight to Elly. Thus, most people should receive their gifts without little tears in the packaging and without any Elly artwork.
Although this shelving unit is helpful to let me see at a glance what gifts I have already purchased, I rely on an app, the Gift List Manager, to keep me on budget and on target. It sure beats the excel spreadsheet system I had before.

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