A Sewing Bench

Six years ago, I drug a chair home from a local consignment store to use in my sewing room.

It was the perfect height.

Yet, the more I sewed, the more I grew to realize it was not the perfect sewing chair.

The back of it was just in the way.

In order to reach any tools or notions that were behind me, I had to stand up. Besides I never used the back for support. It was decorative only.

The seat of the chair was too wide and couldn’t slide underneath my sewing cabinet, forcing me to lean forward and hunch over my sewing machine.

The chair was crooked.

Thus, for some time, I have been hunting for a replacement. Every chair I looked at though had at least one of the same problems. Maybe a chair wasn’t what I wanted after all.

So, when I stumbled across a picture of a sewing bench, it was love at first sight. The tricky part was finding one for sale. Etsy pulled the rabbit out of the hat for me.

The height is perfect. The width is perfect. For added bonus, not only is the seat cushioned but it also lifts up to reveal storage.

Now I can get some major sewing done on Elly’s dress in comfort.


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