Elly’s Bodice Completed

Not to toot my own horn here, but can I tell you how pleased I am with how the bodice came out?

It’s better than I imagined it would be.

Sure it was annoying with the 14 pattern pieces that had to be stitched together and not one of them being a straight edge. It was further exasperated by the fact that I hand basted all the seams first because I didn’t trust my machine or my sewing ability to keep the seam lines matched up.

Yes, it took me forever to hand tack the flowers and leaves to the taffeta fabric. It also took twice as long as running a straight stitch to add in the fancy gold flower motif that you see on all the edges.

But who cares? Machiavelli, baby! The end justifies the means.

Now to sew up the skirt.

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