Knitting for Elly Instead

Forget about knitting a stole. I ran across my design to knit Elly a tiered skirt yesterday and cast on.

I must have drafted this pattern last summer as evidenced by this picture.

Note how Elly has very little hair.

The skirt was shelved by the hexagon blanket. Well, now that the blanket is done, I can return to the skirt. Thankfully, there is no rush. Elly won’t be wearing wool until late Fall at best.

As you can see by the swatch Elly is holding, I’ll be using two different yarns: Malabrigo Merino Worsted and Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Boucle. Once I get past the ribbing up top, it will be all knit stitches as I work in the round with just a few increases to make the skirt a-line. Though I didn’t include it in the picture, I think I will add ruffles to the bottom for a more girly touch.


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