Lots for Elly and Jake at Local Yard Sales

On Saturday, friends were hosting a multi family yard sale. Despite thinking they were a bit crazy or just glutton for punishment (I prefer the lazy technique of donating all unwanted items to Purple Heart and taking the tax write-off at the end of the year), I strapped Elly into her bike trailer and headed over to find some treasures. One person’s trash is another man’s treasure, you know.

I found many treasures, but they all were for Elly and Jake save one.

For Elly, I bought a baseball toy, a Diego game set and a toy chest. You can never have too many toy chests.

My friend tried to warn me about this toy chest. She mentioned that her daughter liked to climb inside and would always fall on her head when trying to get out. I must admit that I dismissed her warning. So stupid.
The first thing Elly wanted to do with the toy chest was climb inside and play with her baby dolls.

For Jake, I bought a book filled with dog treat recipes, doggie cookie cutters, a brush and a basket to put it all in.

And the one item I bought for myself, a crocheted shawl. It’s purely for decoration as the design is so open and the yarn seems to be rayon. Yet, I think it will be fun to wear a shawl off-season.

This entire outfit was purchased at our local consignment store or local yard sale. I decided if the clothes at Evergreen Consignment were good enough for my only daughter, they were good enough for me too. I may never go back to buying clothes at department stores, except for special occasions. It’s so much cheaper and the quality is just as good. Of course if I ever get more time to sew, I may never buy special occasion clothes either.


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