A Week with Elly

Since Elly has been left out of my recent posts about knitting and painting, I decided she deserved a post all to herself.

Sculpting a bird’s nest with 2 eggs (because she had just watched a Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That Nest Best Thing episode where Sally and Nick learn how to make a robin’s nest)

Leading her scooter down the sidewalk (still learning how to ride it)

the swings are back at the Spruce Park! (as you can see in the background, they were hanging them while we were there)

On High Street in Pottstown, a row of sidewalk is missing. Elly has to stop to play with the rocks every single time.

I hope to make this a weekly event. It seems silly that I take a billion pictures of Elly and only a handful of people ever get to see them. Call it my brag book if you will.


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