Love for Google+

Goodbye to Facebook. Hello Google+.

The main reason – Nay, the only reason – I am jumping ship is my love of sharing pictures. It’s true that Google+ has other perks, such as integrating with my gmail account. They’re nice features, but what sold me is the ability to link to all my photo albums to my account. It’s something Facebook does not offer. Not only does Facebook’s process for uploading pictures suck, Facebook won’t talk to Picasa, which is where I prefer to upload all my pictures to.

The first thing Google+ asked me when I joined was if I wanted to link my many Picasa albums to it. Heck yeah. Right now the only people who see all the pictures I take of Elly are my husband and my MIL. Occassionally I post a link in Facebook to one of the pictures. Several pictures of Elly are included in my blog posts, but Elly’s album has over 100 pictures.

Elizabeth, Age 1

It is impossible to post them all. Still I would love family and friends to have easy access to them. Finally, I can have my cake and eat it too.

If you are on Google+, please add me to your circle.


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