Preserving Elly’s Baby Clothes

Unable to toss the clothes I handmade for Elly and even unwilling to donate them to another baby, including any 2nd child we might have, I had stored them in a rubbermade tote. It had been my intention to save them for the day when Elly decided to become a mother herself.

There were a few flaws with my plan.
1. Elly may choose not to have children of her own
2. Elly may bear only boys and frown against putting them in the dresses
3. I feel an incredible need to use the items we store in our house. If items are not used for a certain period of time, I donate them. Storing clothes – no matter how precious – for 30 years on the chance they might be wanted by Elly for her children goes against my policy. Not only could Elly very well not want them, unused items irritate me and I would have to hit myself over the head repeatedly to not throw them out in 5 years.

So, when I stumbled over the pattern for Audrey’s Keepsake Quilt on Etsy, I was thrilled. Here was the answer to my dilemma. I would use Elly’s handmade baby clothes to make an heirloom quilt. The clothes that took me so long to make for Elly would be preserved in a useful item. The quilt could be used by Elly now and could later be passed down to her children, which was part of my original hope. There is even enough room to preserve some of the receiving blankets we wrapped Elly in when she was an infant.

I am so excited to start cutting up the squares. My thanks to Sandra Saunders of Lullaby Lucy for such a great idea.


One thought on “Preserving Elly’s Baby Clothes

  1. I want the guys at work to do this with their t-shirts. They wear shirts with holes in them because of the memories. I wish that I sewed as I would talk to their wives and ask for the worn shirts to make them into a quilt for them.

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