Another Growth Spurt

Elly recently shot up 2 inches. Most of her shirts had to be packed away because they could no longer cover her belly.

So, last Wednesday, Elly and I went shopping.

She needed more t-shirts, summer dresses, shorts and gardening pants. I found everything on my list at Evergreen Consignment shop in Pottstown.

I got all this for only $50.

If I had tried to buy this at a department store or boutique, I would have spent twice as much or more. With Elly growing at the rate she is, it doesn’t make sense to spend oodles on her clothes. She has to promise to wear her clothes for at least 1 year before I start buying her boutique clothing. With a little luck by the time she stops growing every few months, she’ll be old enough to sew her own boutique clothes.


2 thoughts on “Another Growth Spurt

  1. Your little girl is getting so big! (groan, I sound like a really old person!) I see her, with that beautiful hair all grown up and …..(ok dating eekkk)

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