Yard Waste Disposal in Pottstown

The Borough of Pottstown now collects yard waste from its residents separately from regular trash.

There are pros and cons to this new service.

1. It’s great for the environment. The yard waste is composted rather than just added to the heap of trash. Although I do have 2 compost bins in our yard, they simply can’t hold all the materials that I need to clean up each Spring and Fall. Rather than designate another corner of our yard for compost and further annoy our neighbors, I can throw the yard waste away.
2. It’s free. There was no increase in our trash service when this new service was added.

They only pick up the yard waste once a month. For lack of a better place to stack the bags away from the weather, I line them up like soldiers on our front porch.

It’s a bit unsightly, which doesn’t please me or my neighbors.

Even Elly looks on disapprovingly.