Making Doughnuts

Last Tuesday was Fastnaught Day. Since moving to Pottstown, I have embraced the local tradition of eating the traditional square doughnuts. I can’t turn down good food.

This year, I decided to try my hand at making them. I had some leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge and I always keep yeast on hand. After running a quick search online, I followed this recipe though I made the following changes:

  1. used leftover mashed potatoes with butter, milk and yogurt mixed in
  2. increased mashed potatoes to 2 cups, since that is what I had on hand
  3. added 1 cup of warm water
  4. substituted butter for the lard
  5. substituted bread flour for flour

I may never go back to store-bought Fastnaught Day doughnuts. They were delicious.

My only problem was inconsistency in the deep frying process; some of the doughnuts didn’t get cooked through. Next time I’ll use an egg timer to make sure I’m cooking them long enough.

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