Considering Cloth Diapers

Before Elly was born, I had thought that I would try using cloth diapers once Elly was about 3 months old. That day came and I refused to give up the convenience of disposables. Everything still seemed so difficult then. I still hadn’t ventured out of the house alone with Elly. She was nursing almost every hour, allotting me very little free time. Most importantly, she made a lot of dirty diapers. I thought if I switched to cloth, I would spend every free moment in my laundry room.

A lot has changed in 8 months. I have a better handle on this Mom role and do venture out quite often with my little girl. Though Elly still nurses a lot, she can now go about 2 hours between sessions. The amount of dirty diapers has been reduced to 1 a day.

Still I probably wouldn’t consider giving up the convenience of disposables if Elly wasn’t growing out of them. She is currently wearing size 6 in Huggies and they are getting quite small.

There is no size 7. (Pampers does have a size 7, but their size 6 cut into her thigh causing her to bleed. Plus, I hate the way they smell). She would have to switch over to pull-ups. Do you know how expensive pull-ups are? They aren’t cheap. They are designed for the child who is potty training. Typically, they are worn for just a few months. Elly won’t be potty training for at least a year. I would save us money if I could give up a little convenience.


3 thoughts on “Considering Cloth Diapers

  1. Put those knitting and sewing skills to work and make her some. I’m sure there are tons of tutorials and info out there on the web.
    We used cloth for the babies until the age of 2 or 3 before switching to disposables. As long as you run one load every day you’ll be fine.

  2. If it helps at all, I started cloth diapering my middle child at 11 months. I’d never cloth diapered my oldest, and thought it wouldn’t be for me, but wanted to give it a go. I used bumGenius 2.0 (they have 3.0 now) pocket diapers. They are very, very easy, only added 2 extra loads of laundry a week to my chore list, and I felt good about using them. I made my money back with using them even for just the 16 months (I think…I can’t remember when she potty trained now!) that we used them.

    If you have other questions, let me know!

  3. I was going to say sew some too. There are free patterns on the internet. I made J some from the free Ottobre pattern (which runs huge btw) and used fabric from the clearance remnants. There might even be some posts on my blog about it very early on. I loved the pocket diapers because you could take them apart to wash and dry.

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