Considering Cloth Diapers

Before Elly was born, I had thought that I would try using cloth diapers once Elly was about 3 months old. That day came and I refused to give up the convenience of disposables. Everything still seemed so difficult then. I still hadn’t ventured out of the house alone with Elly. She was nursing almost every hour, allotting me very little free time. Most importantly, she made a lot of dirty diapers. I thought if I switched to cloth, I would spend every free moment in my laundry room.

A lot has changed in 8 months. I have a better handle on this Mom role and do venture out quite often with my little girl. Though Elly still nurses a lot, she can now go about 2 hours between sessions. The amount of dirty diapers has been reduced to 1 a day.

Still I probably wouldn’t consider giving up the convenience of disposables if Elly wasn’t growing out of them. She is currently wearing size 6 in Huggies and they are getting quite small.

There is no size 7. (Pampers does have a size 7, but their size 6 cut into her thigh causing her to bleed. Plus, I hate the way they smell). She would have to switch over to pull-ups. Do you know how expensive pull-ups are? They aren’t cheap. They are designed for the child who is potty training. Typically, they are worn for just a few months. Elly won’t be potty training for at least a year. I would save us money if I could give up a little convenience.