Joining the Smoothie craze

When I bought this bender a year ago, I wanted it to puree soups and to make baby food.

On Amazon, review after review talked about how great it was at blending smoothies. I found such reviews unhelpful since I was so sure that I would never use it to make smoothies. I like to eat my fruit not drink it in a straw.

I should have known to never say never.

Not only have I been bitten by the smoothie craze, but Elly is loving them also. Currently, we are enjoying a mango and orange smoothie.

Recipe: 2 mangos, the juice of 4 oranges and about 1/2 cup of yogurt.

What changed my mind? The thing that always brings me to my knees: taste. I am a sucker for good food.

On a whim, I blended up pineapple, avocado, applesauce and yogurt together. My main goal was to use up the leftover pineapple and the leftover avocado sauce in the fridge; I hate throwing out food. It was delicious! Elly kept vying for the mug I was drinking it out of. Naturally, I let her try it.

Now we’re both hooked.

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