Jake’s Job

Outside of companionship, Jake’s responsibilities are minimal. We never even bothered to teach him the normal list of tricks.

Thus, Jake doesn’t play Fetch, preferring the ‘Keep Away’ game.

He doesn’t bring me the newspaper every morning, since the first few attempts resulted in a shredded paper.

Being the social bunny that he is, Jake doesn’t guard the house. Even Elly joining the family hasn’t triggered any desire from Jake to protect us – for which I’m thrilled.

Despite his commitment to the task, Jake has been unable to chase off the resident squirrel family.

Yet, Jake has found a way to be useful. He breaks up the sticks that fall from our pin oak tree into kindling. He’s quite efficient.

First, Jake collects a stick from me.

Then, he lays down nearby to snap, tear, gnaw and bite the stick until it is reduced to pieces small enough for the kindling pile.

Upon completion, Jake dashes over to receive another stick.

He just loves his job.We see it as nothing but a bonus. I encourage it because it keeps Jake entertained while I’m gardening. Dan is always pleased by Jake’s efforts because it means less work for him when he’s bringing sticks in for the fireplace.

Where was Elly in all this gardening? In her Ergo, of course.


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