Knitting Projects for Baby

Like most knitters, I typically have several projects going at once. Not anymore.

Thanks to the lovely side effects of the 1st trimester (morning sickness and sheer exhaustion), I can barely muster the energy required to design and knit 2 projects. Until yesterday, it was just one.

I am still working out the kinks in the baseball blanket. The problem lies in with this construction of the middle panel. Once I fix that, I can cast on for the ‘actual’ size: about a 39-inch diameter. The size should be perfect to wrap a newborn in. (No, we don’t know that this baby will be a boy nor do we have a preference. The nursery will be decked out in a baseball theme no matter the sex of the baby. As I said to my Aunt while defending our decision, “I’m a girl and I LOVE baseball”.)

Thanks to Vicki, I also have cast on for a baby shawl. I won a skein of gorgeous red and blue kid mohair yarn on her blog. Paired with a skein of red merino laceweight yarn, I plan to knit a Pi shawl as made famous by EZ. It’s cold in January, you know.


Baby Notes: I had an ultrasound done on June 19th. The little alien inside of me has a huge head, stubbly little arms and legs, and a wee heart beating away. I laughed my way through most of the exam; it was such a joy to see this baby growing inside of me even if s/he is a bit odd looking right now.
Additionally, my due date was pushed back to January 18th, making it more unlikely that I’ll deliver on or around Christmas. What a relief!


8 thoughts on “Knitting Projects for Baby

  1. I am SO excited for you! I’m glad you’re able to get some knitting done, despite the sickness/exhaustion. And I’m sure you’ll have a little baseball fan no matter what gender!

    When I was a kid, one of my favorite memories was collecting baseball cards with my dad. I was also on the softball team. So yeah, girls can love baseball, too!

  2. Whoa! I miss a few days’ worth of blog reading and find you are PREGNANT!! How wonderful!!! Good for you, and can’t wait to hear all about you as the next six months (as a starter) go by! Congratulations. And Jake, it will all be ok. :o)

  3. Congrats Marie!

    I had sever morning sickness called hyperemsis. That’s when my husband told me to get a hobbie to “take my mind off of it” Once it passed I had a friend teach me to knit. My first blanket was horrilbe! I still have it though. I LOVE The basketball blanket, sooooo cute! I’m not good at making my own patterns I’ve done two, and that was really hard. I’m not in a hurry to do another.

  4. I’m a girl and I like baseball, too. The shawl looks like it will be beautiful! And you’ll feel better, soon. The second trimester is a good one.

  5. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Love the color combo. I’m still excited about the baby!!
    The quilt is super cute!

  6. I’m still excited!! Love the color combo. I bet Jake is excited also.
    Can’t wait to see everything you knit. Hope you are feeling better soon. And love the cute blanket!

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