Baseball Blanket Yarn

It’s now 2 different colors and folded in the middle because I got carried away and added an extra – and unnecessary – two inches.

But, it’s looking more round these days if I do say so myself.

Now I can finally cast on for the ‘real’ size: a 39-inch diameter.

I have chosen yarn from my stash.

It’s not just some leftover yarn I had sitting around. Au contraire, I have been saving this yarn for almost 2 years now. My MIL purchased it from a craft/wool festival in Maine. The yarn was hand-dyed and hand-spun. It is soft as goose down. When my MIL couldn’t locate a pattern that would showcase the yarn’s splendor, she gifted it to me and told me to use it for something special. Using it to knit our first child a baseball blanket surely counts, right?

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