Watching a Garden Grow

Except for the tomatoes and anise, all the plants in my veggie garden were started from seeds or tubers. If I didn’t remember what I planted, I be hard pressed to even tell you what everything was. They all look the same in the sapling stage.

These will be chives when then grow up.

The onions are obvious, thankfully. It’s such a joy to see ‘something’ growing in the veggie garden. In the upper left hand corner, you can see the saplings that will one day be lettuce heads. In the upper right hand corner, if you squint really hard, you might be able to see the carrots growing.  

The main reason I started a veggie garden was for the tomatoes. Nothing tastes better than a vine-ripened tomato warm from the sun.

Despite all my attempts though, Dan still hates uncooked tomatoes. I really don’t understand him. I pine for the fruit from the moment I put them in the ground until August when it’s time to harvest. Periodically, I go outside and just stand over them, drumming my fingers on the cages.

Yesterday it was raining, so I couldn’t play in the garden. Instead I cleaned my red desk off and hung my latest swatches. Here’s hoping it inspires me.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


7 thoughts on “Watching a Garden Grow

  1. Your garden looks a lot like the one my dad and I are working on- just a bunch of little sprouts that are hard to tell the difference between right now. ;)

    And I completely agree about fresh, raw tomatoes- they’re so good! I hate cooked ones, though, so I guess I’m the opposite of Dan. lol!

  2. “There’s only two things that money can’t buy, true love and home grown tomatoes!”

    Your garden is off to such a good start.
    I love being able to buy fresh-picked corn in mid-summer.

  3. Your garden looks like it is ready to take off and grow.
    I have an silly urge to buy one of those upside down hanging tomatoe things. Giggle

  4. I agree – home-grown tomatoes are far better than any other tomato! :) We have… oh… 11 tomato plants??? Once they start producing we’re going to have a crazy amount of tomatoes, but I’m planning on making and canning salsa so it’s all good :)

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