Improved Yarn Storage

Since I couldn’t play in my garden yesterday, I opted to play in my stash.



What a relief!
No more lifting two or three plastic crates out of the cedar closet just to find the yarn that I need. All I have to do is pull out the drawer that holds the yarn I need, grab it out, and go. To minimize opening of drawers, they are labeled according to fiber content. Since the drawers fit nicely into my cedar closet, I need never worry about moths. (Though that hasn’t stopped me from planting lavender in our backyard to use as extra protection against those nasty beasts!)

It’s funny; I used to hate these storage drawers when I was keeping my fabric stash in them. Yet, they work perfectly for my yarn stash.

Of course, no yarn storage could be considered “improved” if there wasn’t any new yarn to put into it. In my London epilogue, I mentioned that I visited Socktopus, the Fulham neighborhood’s LYS. You didn’t think I left there empty handed, did you?

Of course not. I came away with 2 skeins that at the time I thought would work very well together. Whether or not, I’ll actually use them together remains to be seen.

This is Spunky Eclectic’s Skinny Sock in color Swimming Lessons.

And this one is Shelridge Farm’s Soft Touch Ultra in color Natural White.

I did have one other new skein of yarn, but it never made it to the stash last night. Instead, I knit a coaster for the side table in our living room using the double knitting technique.

This yarn didn’t come from any store; it came out of my pile for Purple Heart (similar to Goodwill but specifically for our local troops & veterans).

From Polka Dot Pineapple’s blog, I learned how to make t-shirt yarn. It was so much fun!