Snow Day and T-Shirt Fitting

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon reconstructing my Phillies t-shirt that I blogged about on Friday. I forgot to take a before picture of the Phillies t-shirt on Maria, my dressform. Allow me to describe the problem. It’s due to the fact that Maria, who is set to my exact measurements, is pear-shaped. The t-shirt fit wonderfully in her bust and waist area and less-than-flattering in her hip area. More bluntly, it wouldn’t stay down over her hips area no matter how much I tugged. Several of the Phillies boys couldn’t be seen. Top among them were Stairs, a hero in Philly thanks to him coming up with a homerun against the Dodgers when we needed it most, and J.C. Romero, whom I affectionately call Romeo. Something had to be done so that Maria & I could wear the t-shirt, proudly displaying all the Philly champs.

First, I cut off the bottom 4 inches of the shirt. It was too long anyway.
Then, I opened up the sides of the shirt with a 1-inch slit.

Next, I staystitched around the slit and then folded the edges inwards.

Noticing that some raw edges were still visible, I covered all ends with a white bias strip (so as not to draw attention to the hip area).

Lastly, I hemmed the bottom of the shirt.

I’m not entirely pleased with the outcome. Though this does mean I can wear the shirt the way it was intended, I don’t find the design appealing. Next time, I may try inserting a pleat instead.

After dreaming of baseball games and warmer weather, I woke up to find snow on the ground and more falling from the sky.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start an imposed Snow Day than with pancakes and bacon. mmmm.


7 thoughts on “Snow Day and T-Shirt Fitting

  1. Great job making an unwearable, wearable! I can’t wear mens’ T shirts as-is, either. Gotta girl it up.

    You keep bacon in the house? Danger! I only buy it for special occasions…yum!

  2. As a fellow pear woman, I never thought of refitting a tee. Thanks for the info. Let us know how the pleat attempt goes, Yummmm pancakes!!

  3. Darned clever idea about cutting off the bottom and then making the slit. I have three shirts that I will do that techniques on; thanks for sharing it! And regarding that wool splicing technique, isn’t using spit quite the weird tip!?

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