While Dan’s Away

Jake and Marie will play.

“Play” = knitting in Marie’s book.

“Play” = bark at any little noise and find
sticks in Jake’s book.

I’d love to show you pictures of the knitting
I have accomplished, but Dan took the car
and the fancy new laptop to Virginia. Hal, my
11-year-old-computer, won’t talk to my
new camera or our new monitor.

(The car has nothing to do with the reason
why I cannot show you the pictures.
I just wanted to get Dan in trouble with his
mother. It brings me such joy. [evil grin])

The BSJ is coming along quite nicely. I have
recently begun the many increases.
Every time I pick up the jacket, I fall in love
with the yarn color all over again.

The big news is that by tomorrow this time
I’ll have a new bathroom floor. It hasn’t come
by easily. I’ll give you the full story along with
the pictures next week.

Have a great weekend!

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