The Joys of being Sick

Being sick is no fun, but there are a few perks.

1. Sleeping more hours then you are awake.
2. Watching your favorite movies, sometimes twice over because it’s too tiresome to put in a new movie.
3. Lots of hand sewing time!
4. Lots of knitting time!

I think most of my free time came from the fact that I only cooked one meal during the entire week I was sick. Dan handled all the other nights, which is to say that he went out to a local restaurant and paid for our meals. grin.

With all that free (knitting & sewing) time, I finished 4 projects.

A traditional dishcloth without yarnovers (holes)

A Headband

A dishcloth within a dishcloth

Dan’s silk tie, which he’s getting tomorrow (3 Kings Day)

(Please don’t ask me how long it took me to tie this tie. I watched 1 You Tube video and 1 pictorial guide before finally coming up with this version. Thankfully, Maria the dress form wasn’t wearing any pants or you could see that the tie came down way too far on her).


7 thoughts on “The Joys of being Sick

  1. That is one fabulous tie! It could be a Ralph Lauren, for sure!

    Sorry you were under the weather. I too spend a lot of time cooking meals so love when I get a break from that too.

    The dishcloth within a dishcloth is very creative!

  2. Bummer that you were sick. Hurray for Dan managing the meals. Glad you were able to sleep lots during that time.

    The hand output is fab.

    Am most impressed with the necktie. Awesome colors, it looks amazing. You rock!

    Oh and our puppy wants to come visit Jake.


  3. As you once said, skip reading a blog and you miss stuff – I didn’t even know you were sick. Feeling better?

    ((( Sending virtual chicken soup your way )))

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