Christmas Cookies Bake-a-thon

Yesterday, I made my 1st batch of Christmas cookies. Dan had come home early from work due to the inclemental weather (sleet, freezing rain and snow) and was able to help me. By help, I mean he was the official taste-tester. He vetoed my 1st attempt (too tart), but gave the thumbs up for the amended version.

Cranberry Cookies
I used this recipe, but after baking off a dozen cookies, I doubled the batter, leaving the amount of cranberries unchanged.

It made a boatload of cookies, which is a good thing. The list of people who request my cookies grows every year. Even my own sister, who knows perfectly well how to make the traditional family cookies, complained when I didn’t send her any. I just assumed she was making a batch for her family. Come to find out, she had assumed that I would send her cookies every year so she didn’t have to!

More cookies to come: Gingerbread Men, Buttermilk Sugar cookies, Candy Cane cookies, Shortbread Pecans, and Springerle.


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