Dishcloths and Maybe a Tie

I’m on a mission to knit dishcloths in as many ways as I can think of for the class I’m teaching in January: Dishcloths – How to Design and Knit Them.

Here are 2.

Sugar ‘n Cream by Lily
Color: Jewels (I just love this color).
Designs: See below
Time frame: Just a few hours
The top one is a simple garter stitch square.
Cast on 32 stitches.
Knit for 64 rows or 32 ridges.
Bind off.
Couldn’t be easier. In fact it was so easy, I was bored to death. By the end, I was bribing myself with chocolate just to knit another 2 rows. Oh, the things I’ll do for chocolate.

The bottom one is the infamous Grandmother’s Favorite. (Non-Ravelry link). It was such fun to knit. The yarn overs and the short rows egged me on. I started it in the evening and finished it the next morning.

I have enough of the Jewel colorway to knit one more dishcloth in it. I plan to knit a variation of Grandmother’s favorite, since I found it so enjoyable.

When not knitting dishcloths, I am working on a new design idea, finishing up Dan’s 2nd knee warmer and learning how to sew a tie.

The fabric was brought back from one of my SIL’s travels. I forget exactly which country she brought it back from: Peru or Ecuador. Let’s just say it came from South America. It is hand-dyed silk. I’ve kept it hidden in my fabric stash for a few years now, not sure exactly what to do with it. Then, a week ago, a light bulb went off in my head. It would make a lovely silk tie for Dan just in time for Christmas.

Dan isn’t one to wear a lot of ties. His job doesn’t require it. Still he has a collection of at least 20 ties. You wouldn’t know it though. He wears the same 2 ties over and over again whenever we attend a function together. I’m sick of looking at them. If only to keep me sane, it’s time for a new tie.


5 thoughts on “Dishcloths and Maybe a Tie

  1. Yay for dishcloths! I recently bought 3 skeins for Sugar and Cream to make a few for myself :)

    Love the modern design of the tie. Hope Dan likes it and puts in into the rotation of 2 – LOL

  2. Love those dishcloth colors! I don’t think I’ve seen that kind before around these parts… or maybe I have and just never noticed since I’m more drawn to solid colors?

  3. i love dishcloths, and i like the colors you chose for yours. i have a bunch of cotton yarn lying around and i’ll probably knit up a bunch!

    p.s. i got a christmas card from you yesterday. thanks so much! <3

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