Ode to Quilting Afghan

I finished the last seam this afternoon. I think I let out a hoot. Jake was excited for me until he realized that we weren’t going outside to play and I didn’t have any treats for him.

Since I finished this afghan before the deadline to enter Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Contest, I entered it. Vote for me! There are 400+ entries already, so I have no illusions of winning. Yet, this contest provided good motivation to complete the afghan early. Now I can take 6 zillion pictures before I have to mail it off early next month. It’s headed to the International Fiber Collaborative.

Although, I had originally planned to add a border around the whole afghan, I hesitate to add one now. I think it would detract from the blocks. What do you think?

On a side note, I can now boldly proclaim that I am a Master of Seaming. This project has taught me much about seaming.

As mentioned to both Knitsy Bitsy Spider and Mr. Puffy, I plan to compile all 9 block patterns into one downloadable PDF pattern. Please don’t expect to find it listed on my blog by tomorrow morning. It is going to take me some time to compile everything together. Additionally, I will be adding schematics, charts, and a seaming tutorial. Hopefully, I can pass some of my tips to you before you attempt to seam the blocks together.

One of my tips will be to not wait until the end to seam everything together. Jumping off a bridge will seem like a better idea. Ditto for weaving in your ends; the back side should Not look like a shag carpet.

OK, I’m going to shut up now and let the pictures say the rest.

The Front

The Back

Want more pictures? You can find the whole pictorial story from beginning to end in my Flickr album.


7 thoughts on “Ode to Quilting Afghan

  1. What a neat idea to knit a quilt. Am going to get right at it and try to use up some yarn. You did a good job, and inspired me. thanks

  2. Yey for the sweet feeling of finishing – I get such a buzz when I finish a pair of socks you must be on cloud nine at the end of such a large project

  3. The back of all my work should look so lovely! I don’t think I would add a border. A dark color I think would “box” it in and I like the open artistic feel it has. I’m popping over to Lionbrand now to take a look *wink* *wink*

  4. This is a terrific way to combine two of my favorite leisure activities, knitting and quilting and it was my goal to do it, using up my left over yarns as well, but I have yet to begin. I will go see if it’s too late to vote for you now, it might be since it’s been awhile since you posted this.

    Thanks for participating in the contests!

  5. OK, sorry to see the voting deadline has already passed since it was the 25th of Feb. Boo hoo, I should have done it for you before, I believe one of the very first comments I made to you was about this very project way back last year when you had posted a completed block and I had tucked the info in my head for future use!

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