New Chart for Christmas Tree Skirt

While knitting up the sample of the white ties in the Christmas tree skirt, I realized that my original chart was not going to work. I could not stretch the tree branches out as far as I wanted to and still decrease every 4th row as was needed in order to match the other ties knit in the Naturally Spun yarn. Thus, I spent the last two days reconfiguring the layout of the tree.

Behold, the new Christmas tree chart.

The tree branches will be made with K1F’s (hold 1 stitch forward on cn, K1, K stitch from cn) and K1B’s (hold 1 stitch back on cn, K1, K stitch from cn). The trunk consists of 3 stitches that are knit in stocking stich. All other stitches are knit in reverse stocking stitch. (cn = cable needle)

I hope to post a picture soon of the newly designed, white wool tie.

The First Snow

Pictures of our 1st real snow:

In the center is outdoor Christmas tree (a Colorado Blue Spruce).

Jake grazing.

Unlike most dogs who just eat grass when they have an upset stomach, Jake LOVES grass. He eats a little every morning. He also eats it when he has the hiccups, when he’s nervous, when he’s excited, and in Spring when new grass has sprouted.

On this day, I finished my new fleece duvet. It fits perfectly over my goose down comforter. It is so incredibly warm! Dan put the old flannel duvet onto his goose down comforter. Why don’t we share our comforters? Because the key to a happy marriage is separate blankets. No need to argue over who had the lion’s share of the blankets the night before. No need to steal back the blankets in the middle of the night. Everyone stays warm and happy.

Dan thought I should share this picture with you.

It is a pic of my new tea, a flowering tea from Primula.