I Couldn’t Knit on Sunday

Who could knit during such an amazing game as that? I was terrified to pinch myself yesterday, thinking it could all be just a dream. But when I woke up this morning, the Phillies were still the sole National East division winners. WOO!

Rollins was amazing. He stole 2nd base and then 3rd base. Then, he came home on an RBI sac fly to start the game off right: 1-0. Later in the game, he got his 20th triple of the year, making him only 1 of 4 players to get the quad (20 stolen bases, 20 doubles, 20 triples, and 20 homeruns). Surely, he deserves the MVP title.

Of course the game didn’t last all day, but I still couldn’t find time to knit. I was too busy reorganizing my sewing room.

Before pic:

After pic:

Thanks to my cousin, I have a “real” desk now. My (grey) sewing table can be used strictly for sewing. Which means every time I want to sew, I don’t have to clear it off first. Oh, the simply joys of life.

What you don’t see is all the fabric and knitting UFOs that I organized. I finally got them all stashed into my 6-drawer storage bin. And a good thing too, they were starting to take over the room! Poor hubby, he gets less and less of our shared office/sewing room each year. Of course, the basement is all his, so I don’t feel that bad.


3 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Knit on Sunday

  1. I wish I had an anything room. My spinning and knitting stuff is all over the place, here and there, among the banjo and guitars. Oh that sounds awful, the place is actually pretty neat but I have no “studio”. In 15 years maybe when the kids start families of their own and I can have their rooms!

  2. Looks great to me too. I have struggled my entire life with the cleaning thing. So can really commiserate with that.

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