Sneak Peak and Hand Quilting

Tomorrow I leave for vacation. We are going to Walt Disney World with my sister’s family, which consists of a husband, a 7-year-old daughter, and a 4-year-old son. You might think that I’m excited. You would be wrong. I have been dreading this vacation for months now. My sister has a different idea of a vacation than I do: she plans to drag the children to the park at 9 am (or before), jam as many rides and walking into the day as possible, and carry the kids back around 10 pm. I imagine by the end of each day, both the children and I will be over-tired and cranky. I also envision the husbands abandoning us for a bench and good beer. I plan to bring a bucket with me. Why? Because Mrs. H says it helps to dunk your head into ice water after a long, hard day.

I haven’t started packing yet, unless you count the growing pile of stuff I can’t forget sitting on top of my dresser. I have a dilemma. What should I bring as a knitting project for the plane rides? Should I pack my mystery project or my shawl project?

Mystery project OR

Shawl project

I can’t decide. I might end up packing both.

This morning, since I knew my entire day would be spent packing, I squeezed in a little time for me and did some more hand quilting on Baby Flick’s quilt.

Have a wonderful week without me!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peak and Hand Quilting

  1. If you’re staying within the park (or at least within shuttle riding), just go back to the hotel. My parents work at Disney and I hate seeing parents who drag their kids around all day long. No one else likes dealing with cranky children. And they don’t enjoy it. Hang in there and try to have fun!

  2. Awww have a wonderful time.

    And when you get back hope you will pick up this tag. You are It. info and rules to play on my blog.


  3. *snickerin’* I had forgotten about the bucket of ice thing. Hope your vacation is better than you think and you get lots of knitting time.

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