Little to Show For

I’ve been knitting several hours every day. Yet, I feel like I am not making any progress on my Big Dipper Scarf. I am convinced that after I knit several rows someone comes behind me and rips out the very same rows. It’s downright wicked behavior. If I catch who’s doing it, I’m going to draw and quarter them!

So, I need some quilting advice.

I was so proud of myself for attaching the binding fabric.

OK, I’ll admit it: I cheated. I went to Wal-mart and bought the pre-made quilting binding strips. It matched my quilt fabric perfectly and it saved me from having to make binding strips. I was sold! I attached it the same way I would have it the strips were home-made. I left the binding folded in half, lined up the open ends with the quilt edge and stitched with a 1/4 seam.

What is the problem you ask? Well, as you can see there is not enough fabric to wrap over the 1/4 seam and attach to the back. I don’t know what to do. Do I rip it all out? What is the proper way to attach it?

Onto the good news of the day:

  • I sold my 1st pattern on The Knitting Vault.
  • I am now listed as a designer on Ravelry. I have only added information on my Lucky Drawstring Purse and my Vase Cozy. I hope to add more patterns next week.
  • My entire weekend is going to be spent watching baseball. I am attending the Phillies games on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Naturally Spun sent me a picture of the Christmas Yarn. You see it here laid out to dry. The dye has set and it will be ready to spin soon. The amazing part of the spinning process is that she will be doing all of it on a drop spindle! I told her that she had the patience of a saint.


2 thoughts on “Little to Show For

  1. Lucky you going to two games this weekend but what happened tonight??? Well at least it wasn’t 30! LOL
    Guess what. I am going on vacation next week so I will miss the games and it’s a 4 game series too. Not only that but I will miss the Atlanta series too. The 2 biggest series and I’m missing them both. BOOHOO.

  2. Love the design concept on the Big Dipper Scarf! Excellent choice of color, too, in the “night sky” blue.

    I’m linking to this post for a follow-up to a post on my blog about turning to the knitting machine when things start going too slowly. I’ll give the “lowdown” on how I would knit up this scarf – in approx. 3 hours (grin) – so I could spend the time I saved getting started on that lovely cabled sweater for Jake!

    Love your blog, by the way. I have a permanent link to you, of course at

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