Pretty Yarn Pictures

Tracie had wished me lots of yarn for my birthday. Her dedication of then calling my MIL to have her send the wished yarn is really touching. How else do you explain the box I yarn I opened yesterday from my MIL?

Can you tell what yarn it is?

I think a closer pic is in order.

5 skeins of Manos del Uruguay! Woo!

Included with the yarn were 2 books from Jil Eaton. After a year of Hubby insisting that I could NOT under any circumstances dress Jake in clothes, he’s starting to cave. He saw the pic of the Cabled Sweater design in Jil’s Top Dog Knits and thought it would be a fun way to showcase one of my cable designs. I can’t wait to complete the 4 projects that are on the needles now so I can start on Jake’s 1st sweater. 1st of many, if I get my way! And about that 4th project, I can’t wait to tell you about it.

To recap:
Project #1: Mystery Project
Project #2: Big Dipper Scarf
Project #3: AWHF Shawl

So, what is Project #4? …………………………………. A Christmas Tree Skirt!

3 types of yarn will be used in the skirt:

  • 100% wool in plain white
  • SinFlex by London Yarns in Partita (sparkly green)
  • Hand-dyed & Hand-spun natural fibers from Naturally Spun

Here is a pic of the recently dyed yarn. Isn’t it lovely?

For more pictures and an explanation of the dyeing procedure, please visit Naturally Spun’s Blog.

I’ll post more pictures of Naturally Spun’s yarn once she starts spinning it.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Yarn Pictures

  1. I am enjoying your blog and especially like your dogs. That’s a great grpahic you have as your header too. Come visit my blog at . If you select the fiber on the hoof and fiber posts you will see we have a lot in common. I am trying to build traffic in between trying to get fiber projects done. It would be great if you link to me as I’d like to build a community of fiber enthusiasts.

  2. I would like to be a mother-in-law just like yours. You asked how many critters now: 11 alpacas, 6 sheep, 4 horses, 3 dogs, 3 cats (2 live in the barn), 2 birds, and 4 fish.
    Maple & Cassie who says hi, Jake.

  3. Ok this is great that you are baseball fan even if you must be a Philly fan :-). Honestly I have three males in the house and I am the biggest fan. Well my husband is too but he goes to bed at 9 so I watch the games alone. Can you believe that with two teenage boys in the house? My youngest who plays, will only watch live games at the ballpark. He doesn’t like the restriction of the TV camera view. For crying out loud we have a 42 inch LCD screen! Anyway I am thrilled to have met you and I got an idea to start a poll and find out how many woman are big baseball fans. So stop by and check. I will definitely be keeping up with your blog. Maybe we should start a ring: woman baseball fans. hehe

  4. Hee hee, sure I’ll take credit. :) Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that there will be yarn for my birthday, too! Granted, it’s not ’til November, but still.

    The yarn is beautiful!

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