I can’t show you

Well, today has been Gauge Day. I made gauges for two upcoming sweater designs (one men’s and one woman’s). Except, I can’t show you a thing. It has to stay top secret. They will be submitted to magazines next month (fingers are crossed; toes are crossed). The rules of the house state that they must not be published anywhere beforehand. A pity for I so want to show them off. Jake just doesn’t jump up and down for me unless I have a tennis ball or stick or food in my hand.

I have worked on my shawl pattern. It is half-way done. Yet, if I stare at the spreadsheet and accompanying document much longer, I think my eyes are going to cross. So, I am taking a break. Talking to you is my break. *Smile*.

Since I can’t show you what I have been doing, let me show you what other people have been doing.

Enthral has made a lovely brooch (pin).

If you didn’t know already, I almost never leave the house without a pin of some sort on me. And every Black Friday (the big shopping day after Thanksgiving Day), I buy myself a new pin as a reward for accomplishing all the shopping that I do. I have two jewelry boxes filled with pins. I even have a trained husband who brings me home pins. =) Alas, not too many people handcraft pins these days. So, I was thrilled to see Enthral’s handmade pin in my color (blue!) to boot. I just might have to buy it off her. Feel free to beat me to it.

In the knitting world, Ivanova and Carter have started a Celtic Knot Project.


They are on a quest to provide you with free Celtic knot cable patterns. See their blog for their growing list of patterns – now at five. I always try to sneak in a little cabling to each of my sweaters so this project is near to my heart.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


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