Phillies won, but my sleeves lost

Yay, the Phillies won their game today!

Yet, I am no further on my sleeves. Ask me why.

Well, since you asked, it’s because I made a small error in my pattern. I was increasing the stitches EOR (every other row) when in fact I should have been increasing them every 4th row. Good thing I caught the error last night before I finished the sleeves. I would have had sleeves 2 times too large. What a sight that would have been! I’m even more grateful that I caught the error before I posted the pattern in my Etsy store.

So, I ripped out all the increase rows. This morning I was back to where I started from on Monday (a quarter of the way done). I have made progress on the right sleeve as I was knitting during the baseball game, but I still have the sinking feeling that I took two steps back. Well, I know what I will be doing tonight.

There is another sign of trouble in my pattern, but I don’t want to talk too much about it. It might jinx me. (I am running out of brown yarn!)

Of course, first things first, time to garden with my trusty companion, Jake. Then, I have to run up to the grocery store. I’m out of heavy cream again and one simply cannot make good alfredo sauce without heavy cream. The broccoli is sure to cross out all the unhealthy attributes the heavy cream brings to the table … or at least that is what I plan to tell myself. =)


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